DDoS prevention guide

Why this guide?

As we launched our servers we have noticed that there is a need for clarification regarding this topic. While it is the players’ responsibility to protect themselves from harmful network traffic, we want to help our community by providing some starting help towards a safe and fun experience in the Shards!

What is a DDoS? A Denial Of Service (DOS) or Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) is an overflow of network packets sent to an IP address, usually in order to cause harm. The majority of private connections will not be able to handle this network load and start to slow down or shut down entirely. While the DDoS is held up you will most likely not be able to establish a new connection as long as you are using the same IP address.

How do I know if I'm being attacked?
A DOS attack tends to start with minor latency increases which will then start to pile up until your network is unable to handle the load and can no longer access any outside information, not only Shards of War. You will for instance no longer be able to open a website in your browser for as long as the attack is lasting. However, if you do not lose connection permanently, get small lag spikes instead of a gradual increase, or are disconnected from a game and are able to reconnect after a short period of time, you are probably not being targeted by a DDoS attack.

How am I making myself vulnerable? In order to start a DDoS on your network, the attacker needs to acquire your IP address. While this is usually difficult, there are some ways you might expose your IP to strangers:
  • Skype: People on your contact list are able to uncover your IP. In addition Skype IP resolver can find out your IP without being on your contact list.
  • IRC: If you have an open IRC connection, it can be used to attack your network.
  • Suspicious links: You might connect to an attacker's server, exposing your IP.