How To Play

Underground Multiplayer or UG:MP is based off of SA-MP 0.3.7, it is a fork of the San Andreas Multiplayer modification which enables multiplayer gameplay with the benefit of having access to all the content GTA: Underground provides.

SA-MP features will work on Underground Multiplayer, it was made on ensuring that SA-MPs exclusive features work in UG-MP. All of them should therefore be available for you to enjoy, gameplay included.

Underground Multiplayer offers you a wide range of new features introduced: Vice City, Liberty City, Weapons, Cars, Timecyc, Skins, and lots of new and cool stuff to discover.

SA-MP is discontinued since August 1st 2019 by the lead developer, forum contents and wiki have been shut down (in late September 2020), leaving developers without actual support and therefore the complete rejection on continuing SA-MP.

The download link to Underground Multiplayer will be coming 25th of December 2020
The installation guide will be announced in both and discord.
For more informations:

Video showcasing cars in Underground Multiplayer (on dev client)

ASI files such as sensfix, blackroadfix, and so on will be working on the Underground Multiplayer.

Screenshots taken in Underground Multiplayer
Check full screenshots at