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Author Topic: Recent updates

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Recent updates
OP: February 20, 2024, 12:12:30 pm
- added AAD ping system:
 - press ALT (or w/e key the walk action is assigned to) while aiming a gun to ping a location
 - when you ping a location the sv creates an object and a radar icon that appear for 5 seconds and are visible only to your teammates
- added daily challenges:
 - daily challenges appear at the bottom of the /challenge dialog
 - there`s a daily challenge for each of the following weapons: deagle, sniper, spas, and m4
 - the daily challenge damages get reset at midnight and the arena, latency, and speed will be re-picked for each daily challenge (i`ll add more arenas if people will play it)
 - if there`s at least 1 daily challenge with 3 or more participants, a msg that logs the score rewards will be posted in the #daily-challenge text channel
 - first and second places for each challenge get score points in their respective challenge ladder ( )
 - the challenge ladder resets on season restart and badges will be added to the player profiles
- fixed floating bug (usually observed by snipers) in AAD:
 - in samp, the collision for distant objects is not loaded, in some areas this falls within the sniper range and you see players floating instead of shooting
 - in gtat gamemode this is fixed by creating platforms as local objects for the enemy team if the scenario above is detected
 - the fix works consistently when you don`t re-scope between shots
 - if you re-scope and shoot very fast (shoot as soon as the game allows you to), it might not work - you have to aim for a few hundred ms before shooting, this usually happens naturally because you zoom in / adjust the crosshair
- enabled the CW mode in AAD:
 - this mode was disabled because it was initially intended for a clan system
 - the CW mode affects the stats shown on the website and the rank elo - when you play a CW the rank elo penalty and reward are both higher
 - you can enable the CW mode from the `/match config` dialog or by using the `/match mode` command
 - you`ll be able to tell when the CW mode is enabled by looking at the textdraw below the top-right hud elements:
 - to prevent abuse, only players with 20hrs of AAD playtime will be able to change the match mode to CW; if you see anyone abusing this, report it to us so we can restrict AAD admin permissions for their account
 - the CW mode will be automatically enabled when someone starts a match in a world that had one of the CW presets loaded, it won`t be loaded if the match is started by someone with less than 20hrs of AAD playtime
- added a preset for Masato`s SA:MP cup; you can now load world presets with /wpreset
- you can now sync while holding guns if you`re falling; players no longer get respawned and streamed out and back in when syncing while falling, they only get their animations reset
- decreased the AAD spas damage, it used to be 6.0 per pellet, default is 4.95, it`s 5.5 now

Optimized GTA: (for those who get game crashes frequently)
Allowed SA-MP client versions:
LimitAdjuster: (to prevent getting sniper bugged)
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