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Author Topic: Duel mode update

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Duel mode update
OP: April 07, 2024, 19:40:57 pm
- updated the duel match mode in AAD:
- duels played with /tr 19, /autogunmenu and /autoend affect Elo ratings (automatically enabled when a duel is started)
- everyone starts with 100 Elo which is also the minimum Elo someone can have, there`s no max limit
- exchanged Elo can be between 1 and 350 depending on rating difference and round difference
- Elo won`t be affected if the rating difference is greater than 1000 Elo
- when the first round of a duel starts the server will tell you how much Elo will be exchanged between players (if any)
- there`s Elo compensation for losses against players with less than 50 duels (you`ll get 98% of the penalty in a loss vs someone with 49 duels played, you`ll get 2% of the penalty in a loss vs someone with 1 duel played)

- added
- updated to include Elo
- added duel stats and duel match log to the player webpage
- added duel stats to the /stats dialog

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