community guidelines

General rules

1. Multiaccount is forbidden (you can only play with one account), it will lead to a temporary ban on your main account and a permanent ban on the other(s). If you are not the only person playing on GTA:T from your house (someone else is using the same IP), create a ticket and explain the situation. Multiaccounting while your first account is banned (ban evading) will double the ban time on your main account.

2. Using offensive nicknames will lead to a permanent community ban unless changed when moderators / admins ask you to.

3. Being disrespectful towards the staff (even outside of our community's servers) of the server can lead to permanent bans.

4. Exposing the identity of game moderators (even if it's done outside of our community's servers) is forbidden and can lead to permanent bans. Calling regular players moderators, even if no proof is provided and you're just taking a guess it's still not allowed. Acting like a moderator when you are not (eg. ban threatening other players) is also not allowed

5. DDoS-ing / Crashing / Ruining the experience for other users in-game, on the website, or on our discord server will lead to a permanent community ban.
- If you have proof of management abusing then reach out to Demo#3999 or [Panic]#6320 on discord

In game rules:

Minimum FPS: 40
Maximum FPS: 100
Maximum Ping: 500
Maximum packetloss: 2.00

Unstable connection will lead to a kick

Forbidden bugs and actions ***

- No reload bugs (including floor bugs)
- Sprinting by mousewheel scrolling
- Abusing the speed limiter script kick to death evade
- Exceeding FPS limits to be forced into lounge and death evade
- Abusing frenzy weapon spawn to drive by
- ESC / F8 abuse
- Intentional suicide, disconnecting with low hp or when getting stopped by the speed limiter script
- heliblade kill, kamikaze kill
- car ramming, car killing
- Litefooting repeatedly over uneven surfaces (such as the edge of a sidewalk)
- Abusing CJ bug
- Abusing map bugs (such as hiding in map bugs, falling out of the map purposely)
- Hiding behind moveable or mod generated solid objects (eg. Small trees generated by vegetation mods, green moveable trash bins)
- artefact camping
- respect farming, ratio farming (allowing players to kill you)
- respect transfer through dueling (letting people kill you in duels)

Allowed bugs and actions ***

- Cbug
- Slidewalk
- Shooting whilst standing on top of a car that's being driven
- Using /l and /respawn whenever available (even if it's used to escape from a disadvantageous situation)

Forbidden modifications and files: ***

- Having Cleo, sampfuncs, modloader or moonloader installed
- Injecting anything in the gta_sa.exe process
- Private or custom made hack / advantageous game modification
- Hack menus (such as s0beit, rampage, extreme cheats, ultra f*ck)
- Server / player crashers
- Any .asi files that might give you an obvious advantage (eg. Sprinthook, Widescreenfix)
- macros (any kind)
- Speed hacks (any kind)
- Aim assisting hacks (such as aimbots, aim triggers, no camera restore / extraws, crosshair zoom, instant crosshair, permanent crosshair, hitbox markers)
- Wallhacks, camhacks, twall
- Flying, teleporting, mega jump, parkour mods any modifications that change the movements of the skin
- Modified .dff of skins, modified .dff of weapons to an extent that can be advantageous (extra large weapon models, laser mods)
- Antistun, antifall, modified ped.ifp, modified duration of animations and cancelling animations
- Modified car and weapon properties (including modified .dff of vehicles , modified weapon fov, modified weapon fov transition duration, modified global camera fov)
- fake lag, fake ping
- any hitbox modifier (Werner, health hacks, godmode, bullet spoofer)

Chat rules

Messages that contain the following are forbidden: ***
(applies to all channels and pms, unless otherwise is specified)

- Writing in any other language than English in the global channel
- Toxicity, flaming
- Spamming, long messages with uppercase-only characters (CAPS on)
- Discrimination (all kind of discrimination, including race, religion, nationality, sexuality, disability discrimination)
- Extremely offensive messages, death wishes, encouraging suicide
- Asking players to connect to a different server (asking for A/D matches)
- Insults towards an admin, the admin team, server or community as a whole
- Leaking of private information, including exposing players with in-game moderator status
- Sharing other SA:MP server IPs, websites or discord servers

Discord rules

- Global chat is an English speaking channel only and no videos should be shared in it, post in GTA:T Media instead
- Be polite (avoid spamming, cursing or swearing, being racist or abusing religious differences).
- Never share personal pictures of a player without consent.
- No adult (18+), explicit, graphic content.
- Advertising other, game servers, websites or discord servers is not allowed, except when allowed by the Admin Team.
- For unban related questions, create a support ticket.
- Use the appropriate channels / team members, refrain from @mass mentioning.
- Do not disrespect the admin team / gtat as a community (this includes outside of gtat servers)
- Do not perform or promote the intentional use of glitches or hacks.

Website rules

- Do not post offensive comments in other players guestbook (game profile page), this might also lead to in-game season mute
- Do not post the same video on GTA:T Media multiple times, unless new context is brought to it
- Do not post videos on GTA:T Media that contain anything else that GTA:T or Lagshot WW DM content
- Follow the support ticket guidelines when creating a support ticket or commenting on a public one

*** Rules agreement ***

Registering on our server and accepting the policy implies you agree to play on these terms.
Do not contest the rules if you got in a situation where they are unfavorable to you or your friends
If other players managed to break the rules and not get detected does not allow you to use it as an excuse when you get caught breaking them. You should /report or submit a report ticket whenever you see someone breaking the rules.